WELCOME tO my blOg!! I am selling all new branded baby & kids apparel & accessOries in a gOOd quality, lOw price & brand new cOnditiOn.


*No. telefon baru kami ialah 019-344 1801.

*please dO nOt hesitate tO email me again if ur email has nOt been replied within 24 hOurs..better uOls SMS me untuk respOn yg lebih cepat.

*if u Ols nak tengOk lebih byk cOllectiOn frOm QairakidscOllectiOn yg cute2, please scrOll kt bwh sekali & click " OLDER POST " tu ye..

*reservatiOn Only valid fOr 2 days, please dOn't buk & run Ok..x baik tau buat cmtu!! kerjasama u Ols amat lar dihargai.



Price: RM2O.OO
size available:-
size : chest(cm) x length(cm) : Age
1 : 29cm x 41cm : 12m
2 : 30cm x 44cm : 18m
3 : 31cm x 47cm : 2y~SOLD~
4 : 32cm x 50cm : 3y
5 : 33cm x 53cm : 4y~SOLD~

p/s: umur hanyalah anggaran shj,
sila rujuk ukuran yg telah disediakan. TQ